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Questions about laundry soap

It’s been many years now since I switched from commercial laundry detergent to making my own powdered and liquid homemade laundry detergent. The ingredients are simple, the process quick and easy. But the real reason I made the switch? Money.

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Church services

Area churches are hosting online and drive-in services, with some now re-open for traditional services. See below for a list of those who contributed their information to the Times-Record. Submissions for the weekly church calendar can be submitted by email…

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DIY floor cleaners

I pretty much hate to buy things I know I can make for less money — without even taking into account the time required to find them in a store. Take cleaning products, for example. Knowing I can make homemade…

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Get kids organized

With schools in the U.S. closing several months before the school year ended — and with it now being summer — it does seem like the kids have been home, like, forever. And their rooms are starting to look like…

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How to get in good trouble right now

CARMICHAEL — Civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis urged Americans to “get in good trouble” as we confront the systemic racial injustices that persist in our nation. But what does that mean? What can the average American really do to…

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