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A holiday from anxiety

I’m not going to write about Donald Trump today. I know, he is out there telling everyone he won’t necessarily leave, even if he loses. Which may scare people into voting for him but is more likely to convince them…

Star Democrat (The)

Letter to the Editor: DE Democratic Party needs discipline

We all know that if an errant youth is not reprimanded promptly, he or she will develop bad habits. Likewise, if anyone is not punished for breaking rules, they will continue to do so, and their rule-breaking will become more severe over time. This is where we find ourselves with the Delaware Democratic Party these […]

Delaware State News

Reader concerned about DC dysfunction in Cecil County

As the Whig reported in August, a Circuit Court judge rejected County Executive Alan McCarthy’s suit to have Danielle Hornberger’s name removed from the November ballot because of her failure to file a required personal financial statement. The legal bar…

Cecil Whig

COVID-19 stats in red and blue states

Republican states have the highest per capita cases of COVID-19 and Democratic states the lowest. This is based on designating the political leaning of each state by the party of the two senators (red states have two Republican senators, blue…

Cecil Whig

Falling in love with apples

Fall brings wonderful apples, sweet potatoes, turnips and several varieties of collards and greens available to us here on the Eastern Shore. Patches of pumpkins and orchards of apples are prevalent in this area. Fall has always been my favorite…

Star Democrat (The)

Your faith is rewarded by your walk

I guess walking is the slowest mode of transportation these days, unless you’re in boot camp. Those who sign up learn how to answer for at least three months — hurry up and wait! But for most people, walking isn’t…

Star Democrat (The)

An affront to true Americans

When discussing Talbot County’s experience in the Civil War, it is relatively simple to research the key histories by leading authors. As devotees of Lost Cause Mythology run out of misinformation and excuses, they try to change the subject or…

Star Democrat (The)

Value others

One of President Ronald Reagan's most famous quotes is “The most terrifying words in the English language are 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" The idea that government is a problem and not a solution has been…

Star Democrat (The)

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