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Causes and treatments of urinary incontinence

Incontinence affects almost 18 million women, yet fewer than half of all people suffering from incontinence consult a health care provider. In particular, women often consider the problem an untreatable consequence of having children or aging. In fact, there are…

Star Democrat (The)

Hillary's dubious distinction

So here’s the good news: For all their assiduous efforts, President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr have failed to fully weaponize the U.S. criminal justice system. There’s never going to be a Russian-style show trial of Trump’s 2016…

Star Democrat (The)

Life, abortion and missed opportunities

You may have seen the Michelle Williams Golden Globes speech by now. The actress credited abortion for allowing her to achieve her professional successes. Pro-life and pro-choice people said what you would have expected in response, but what seemed to…

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Superb piece of reporting

I must confess that I occasionally wonder whether it is worthwhile to continue my subscription to The Star Democrat. I read the obituaries every day, knowing that someday there will be one for me and grateful that it has not…

Star Democrat (The)

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