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No excuse

It is time we stood up and said we will not tolerate racial injustice any more. It is time to remove the Talbot Boys statue. There is no excuse to delay.

Star Democrat (The)

We need more mature, thoughtful action

There are so many actions taken by the County Council this week that deserve comment, not to mention the prevailing rudeness of the Council’s president. However, the vote that requires public comment and outrage is that to endorse proposed legislation…

Star Democrat (The)

Freedom, truth and hope

“Who are we?” “What are we here for?” These are some of the most fundamental questions of our lives. The answers can be tough to discern even in normal times. As statues are being torn down, the question of who…

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Banning the Confederate flag

I am not an avid fan of any sport, but I am writing to express my great admiration for the actions of NASCAR in banning the Confederate flag from their events and for their unequivocal support of the driver Bubba…

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No more

No more statues. No more glorifying War. YES! to Memorial Day as a Day of Remembrance of the sacrifice that women and men have made for the rights of all people to exercise Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.…

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Kudos to Commissioner Bibb

Kudos to St. Michaels Commissioner Mike Bibb for spearheading the restoration of our Boy Scout Log Cabin on St. Mary’s Square. The town-owned building has been the longtime headquarters of Scout Troop 741. According to the Maryland Historic Trust, “The…

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Commentary: America, be gracious

By Joseph Stine 2020: What a year and it’s only half over! Let me ramble on. It’s like we woke up from a bad dream to find out that the dream wasn’t as bad as reality. I am feeling nudged to share my take on everything for relief from this emotional hurt as an earthling. […]

Delaware State News

Letter to the Editor: Hypocrisy is all around

Sunday’s paper (June 28) was filled with so much hypocrisy that I wanted to vomit. Front-page stories of people gathering less than 6 inches apart, some with masks and some not. Yet, inside, the letters are all about being 6 feet apart and wearing masks. Good grief: People in a pool where there is chlorine […]

Delaware State News

Speak Out: Wake up, America!

“A Republic, if you can keep it” is how Benjamin Franklin described the type of country they had created after the Constitutional Convention. There has not been a period in my lifetime when this country has been more threatened from within than it is today. • The Democrats embrace antifa as much as the Republicans […]

Delaware State News

Remember to practice water safety

As social distancing has loosened and temperatures are up, folks will be seeking a refreshing escape by taking a dip in a cool pool or in one of our scenic local waterways. But whether you are sitting poolside, dockside, Bayside…

Kent County News

Compassion and unity

The bloodiest engagement of the American Civil War was fought at Sharpsburg, Md., near Antietam Creek; also known as Antietam Battlefield. There, on Sept. 17, 1862, more than 23,000 soldiers from the armies of the North and South were either…

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