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Being black in America is a death knell

The Unified Committee for Afro-American Contributions joins with America in mourning the death of our brother, George Floyd, who was murdered May 25 in Minneapolis by police officers. History repeatedly demonstrates that death comes too often and too unrelentingly from…

Enterprise (The)

The lessons of Minneapolis

Black people’s reaction to the Minneapolis scene was an accumulation of numerous atrocities. Lately, the woman in Louisville and the Brunswick murder added fuel to the fire because one of the two shooters was a retired policeman.

Star Democrat (The)

Time to vanquish injustice

In our lauded "Land of the Free" ... "with justice for all" America, seethes the never-faced and unmet shame of our pandemic of racism. Where lies the race to cure that vile illness? Where the incorruptible determination to discover its…

Star Democrat (The)

Why I was on Marlboro Avenue

Fifty-seven years ago next month, I was in jail for a few hours, having sat down on the asphalt in front of a small, segregated amusement park in Baltimore that wouldn’t let black kids go in and ride the merry-go-round.…

Star Democrat (The)

Questions about the election

Over the last couple of days we have gotten a few questions at the Cecil Whig about our election coverage. The primary question seems to be why was there no election coverage in our Wednesday edition?

Cecil Whig

Let's get the care we need

Social media is peppered with postings about the experience of sheltering at home during the lockdown for COVID-19. There’s advice on trimming hair and teaching your kids math that you don’t remember. We’re getting used to seeing family and work…

Maryland Independent

What Jesus did for us

Many years ago, man had an erroneous image of God as a righteous, all-powerful being, so awesome that to see his face was to die. To sin was to incur his wrath. He seemed aloof and lived in a place…

Maryland Independent

Lame duck?

Will Andy Harris keep his promise? Before the 2010 election, CNN reported, "And in Maryland, Republican Andy Harris has assured voters that, should he go to the U.S. House, he'll be out of there by 2023." In 2013, he introduced…

Star Democrat (The)

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