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Commentary: Dover landmark Scull Mansion must be saved

By Nate Attard For anyone who has walked on South State Street recently, an ominous yellow sign sits outside the Scull Mansion. The sign mentions an upcoming meeting of the city of Dover Planning Commission on Oct. 19. At this meeting, the commission is being asked to review a master plan application that would result […]

Delaware State News

Letter to the Editor: Seaford voter registration to change

Finally and thankfully, there has been a very significant first step in voter registration for the better in Seaford, thanks to the mayor and City Council. Now, Seaford will move out of the 20th century and into the 21st century by adopting voter registration via the state of Delaware in lieu of the “book,” which […]

Delaware State News

Letter to the Editor: Consider the future when you vote

Why do we care about the Paris accord? It is a global agreement strengthening responses to climate change threats by working to decrease temperature rises. Each nation proposed its own actions and goals to lower carbon emissions. The U.S. was a signatory in 2016. “Was” is the key word, as one of the first actions […]

Delaware State News

Letter to the Editor: Yearick works to make state great

Throughout the four years since his election, and under much controversy and negative press, President Donald Trump has been actively pursuing and changing the course of this great country to “Make America Great Again.” Although with not as much drama and negative press, Rep. Lyndon Yearick, representing the 34th District in Kent County, has also […]

Delaware State News

Letter to the Editor: Murphy will represent all Delawareans

U.S. Congress candidate Lee Murphy is the strong fighter for all Delawareans who we need to represent us. We have only one representative in Congress, so it’s even more critical that it be someone who represents all of us and supports policies and programs for the best safety, health and progress of every Delawarean. The […]

Delaware State News

County Commission

To the editor: There is a need for a Human Rights Commission (HRC) in our region. People who feel they are victims of discrimination should have a readily available place to have their claims heard.

Kent County News

God has big arms

One of the physical features I admired most about my father was the size of his arms and shoulders. As I peruse his younger years of black and white photos, Pop wasn’t born naturally muscular. But hard work on the…

Star Democrat (The)

Ways to make use of fall's bounty

Every once in awhile I get some requests, here are a few recipes for odds and ends or surplus foods. When you are buying and carving those pumpkins for pies or decorations you always have seeds left over. When you’ve…

Star Democrat (The)

No one is above the law

This was a favorite “battle cry” during the impeachment process a few months ago. This phrase needs to be revisited based on happenings on the streets of numerous cities in our county. This basic principle of law seems to have…

Star Democrat (The)

Reality is finally winning

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, a staunch Trump ally, said this about the president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic: “I think the biggest mistake people make in public life is not telling the truth, particularly in something with as much…

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