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State’s football season clears potential obstacle

A potential obstacle to the state’s high school football season has been eliminated. The Blue Hen Conference has freed up two of its schools’ schedules to allow them to play Salesianum. The addition of defending Division I state champion Hodgson and St. Georges gives the Sals a full seven-game regular-season schedule this fall. The Wilmington […]

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From Sid Luckman to Nick Foles: All the Bears quarterbacks through the years

A look at the Bears' quarterbacks through the years, from 1934 to present day. Not pictured: Steve Bradley (1 game; 1987), Greg Landry (1 game; 1984), John Huarte (2 games; 1972), Kent Nix (9 games; 1970-71), Tommy O’Connell (12 games; 1953), Tom Farris (20 games; 1946-47), Johnny Long (12 games; 1944-45), Bill Glenn (2 games; 1944), Charlie O’Rourke (11 games; 1942), Young Bussey (10 games; 1941), Solly Sherman (14 games; 1939-40) and Bernie Masterson (72 games; 1934-40). | source:

Baltimore Sun (The)

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